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Broussel sprouts cappuccino/ rock crab Knäcke 12,50€

Quailbrest/beetroot/romana 18,50 €

Fried duckliver/ fruit chutney/ porto 20,00 €

Main courses

Codfish/port wine onion /white beans 21,00 €

Tenderloin/vegetables/wheat 28,00 €

Monkfish/carot/fennel 26,50 €

Veal/savoy /la ratte 21,00 €

Wheat- port wine onion „Risotto“ 16,50 €

Menu 1

Broussel sprouts cappuccino/ rock crab Knäcke


Codfish/port wine onion /white beans

3 Gang Oder/ ou/ or 4Gang und/et/and

Veal/savoy /la ratte


Nougat parfait/kaki compote

3-Gang Menü 32,00€ (Poisson ou viande /fish or meat)
4-Gang Menü 41,00€ (Poisson et viande/ fish and meat)

Vegetarian Menu

Broussel sprouts cappuccino/ rock crab Knäcke


Wheat- port wine onion „Risotto


Nougat parfait/kaki compote


Spiced tea ganache /Mango/roastes pistachio ice-cream 11,50 €
Nougat parfait/kaki compote 9,50 €

Selection of sorbet 7,00 €

Menu 2

Fried duckliver/ fruit chutney/ porto




Nougat parfait/kaki compote

Menu 46€

Our Region

Black Forest Nature Park Germany's largest natural park is a green hiking forest with mineral springs, waterfalls and ice age lakes.

Europa Park Rust This theme park with Europe's largest roller coaster is only 3 km distant in Rust near Freiburg.

Forest-Climbing In neighboring Kenzingen the forest-trail of cables and suspension-bridges leads through the treetops.

Alsace Wine Route Preserved from the late Middle Ages many beautiful wine villages invite to visit and stay.

Wine Hiking Discover recultivated biotopes, Kaiserberg hill and rare plantlife all around Ringsheim village.
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