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Places of Excursions

The region around hotel Heckenrose is rich in attractions, from the Europa Park in Rust through to the Black Forest Nature Park with Germany's highest waterfalls.
In addition to city trips to Freiburg or french Colmar along the Alsace Wine Route, there are both cultural and historical pearls to visit, such as the Vogtsbauernhof or the hall of arts Messmer.
See our brief overview of the highlights in our immediate neighborhood:

Europe Park

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Europapark

Whether Iceland, France, Russia or Austria, 13 European themed areas convey a holiday atmosphere with typical architecture, food and vegetation.
In Iceland, fun guaranteed, the wooden roller coaster "WODAN - Timburcoaste" and equally elating in the Greek themed area the water coaster "Poseidon". Thrill comes on the "Silver Star" in France, which is 73 meters high, one of the highest roller coasters in Europe. Cooling waits in Austria on a ride with the "Tyrolean whitewater course" and in the Portuguese themed area, the rapid water attraction "Atlantica Super Splash" makes for lively refreshment.

The theme park will be open to the seasons. Ticket prices are at 37 and 42 € for children and adults.
The Euro Park is just 8 minutes (6 miles) away from Hotel Heckenrose. However, the easiest way to the park is taking the shuttle bus.

Bus Ringsheim - Rust

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Südbadenbus

The Europa-Park bus runs between Ringsheim station and Rust throughout the year.

Adventure Forest Climbing

Photo: Destination and place of excursions

The climbing-forest in neighboring Kenzingen is fun for the whole family and the ideal introduction to bouldering and climbing.
The costs for three hours in the fun trails are at 13, 16 and 19 € for children, students and adults.
The minimum height is 1.40 meters for climbers and 1.30 meters for children with direct climbing-assistance of an adult.

From our hotel you can reach the adventure forest in around 10 minutes (7.3 km). The way on foot and by train takes about 29 minutes.

Nature Reserve Taubergießen

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

The nature reserve "Taubergießen" is one of the last paradises in Germany and habitat for many endangered animal and plant species.
While large parts of the Rhine-plaines were affected by desertification and falling water tables since the river-straightening of 1818, Taubergießen could be saved as a wetland and is still an impressive example of the original, miles wide floodplains of the Rhine.

Taubergießen is around 11 km distant to Ringsheim. Particularly attractive are the guided boat trips.

Freiburg im Breisgau

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

Freiburg, that's Münster, Bächle, delicacies and wine, coupled with sustainability. Discover the sunny city and let the Baden lifestyle and flair of an international university and ecological model city act on you.
The sights of the city are explored best on foot on the thematic tours: whether Münster tour, Green City-, shopping or culinary tour, Freiburg in Breisgau has plenty to offers for a daytrip.

Freiburg is located 27 minutes by car (36 km) south of Ringsheim and can be reached by train in about 40 minutes.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Lucazzitto

Basel is the Swiss cultural capital and rich in history as well as leisure and enjoyment experiences. Visit one of the many museums, take a dip into the Rhine or get inspired by an evening at the theater!

Basel is about 1 hour by car from Ringsheim and can be swiftly reached by public transport via bus, local train and ICE.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Stéphane Bourhis

As capital of both EU and Alsace, Strasbourg offers a wide range of cultural highlights: museums, theaters, opera, concert halls and festivals.
Explore the Strasbourg neighborhood on foot or by bike, as the main attractions are close by and part of the "Grande Ile" UNESCO World Heritage: Cathedral, the Maison chamber cell, the "Petite France" and the covered bridges called Ponts envelopes.

You can reach Strasbourg in about 50 minutes (60km) by car.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

Colmar is famous worldwide for its half-timbered houses, canals, and the flower-decked city center. The city is a prime example of the idyllic Alsace, the capital of the Alsace wine and rich cultural heritage.
When visiting the city you should not miss the highlights: "Little Venice" Petite Venise, half-timbered houses on the Quai de la Poissonnerie and the Unterlinden museum with the famous Isenheim altar. During Advent, a visit to the festive Christmas markets in a medieval setting is worth a day's trip.

From Hotel Heckenrose Colmar can be reached by car in around 50 minutes (47 km).

Funny World Theme Park

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: funny world

Funny World is a family theme park located in the heart of the nature reserve Taubergießen and intended for families with children of 2 up to 12 years.
The concept of Funny World is based on attractions you handle yourself. Some attractions can be operated independently by the children; in others, they are dependent on the support of their parents.

From our hotel you can reach Funny World in about 13 minutes by car (9 km) .

Natural Garden Kaiserstuhl

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

Between the Black Forest and the Vosges, the Kaiserstuhl is an island of hills rising in the upper Rhine valley. The Kaiserstuhl is of volcanic origin and Germany's most sunny region.
Particularly attractive for walkers and cyclists, visitors can travel nostalgically as in bygone times through the Kaiserstuhl in the historic coach-train.

You can reach the Kaiserstuhl by car in about 30 minutes (23km).

Schloss Staufenberg

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Medien Schloss Staufenberg

For a 1,000 years the castle walls perched on the prominent rock outcrop, the Staufenberg in Durbach, with a view to the peaks of the Black Forest, Ortenau and Alsace.
Thus fortified in previous centuries, the more inviting today: Together, the family of the Margrave of Baden and the Durbacher Müller Hotelier created a place of hospitality at Castle Staufenberg.

You can reach the castle Staufenberg by car in about 39 minutes (54km). The town of Offenburg can also be reached by regional train. Trains run hourly.

Triberg Waterfalls

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: HNH

A natural spectacle of it's own are Germany's highest waterfalls in Triberg. Foaming and roaring the waters of river Gutach are plunging deep down 163 meters.
Especially after heavy rains and snow melt the waterfalls are most impressive and for hiking there are three trails going up: nature path, cultural and cascade path.

Triberg is located 80 km from Ringsheim and to be reached by car in about 1.3 hours. Parking is available in the parking garage of the town, on the lake, on Scheffelplatz or at the Adelheid.

Steinwasen Fun Park

Photo: Destination and place of excursions

The Steinwasen is a fun park for the whole family and beside deer and marmots in the zoo there are five major rides inviting: River Splash, Space Runner, Gletscherblitz, new Coasterbahn and toboggan run with a length of an incredible 1.2 km, with 200 meters alone accounting for the lift.
Ticket prices are 19 and 23 € for children / adolescents and adults.

You can reach the fun park from Hotel Heckenrose by car in about 45 minutes (54 km).


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

The former free imperial city of Gengenbach is a romantic gem nowadays and a Baden Nice. From a distance, the towers and gates in the old town are inviting the traveller and the narrow streets take you into picturesque nooks and crannies.
For families with children Gengenbach offers a splash into the cool water at the "Insel" swimming pool, a day at the farmers in the barn, nature trail robber Hotzenplotz or simply relaxing in the park Schneckenmatt.

Gengenbach is about 45 minutes by car (36 km) of Ringsheim.

Baden Baden

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Gerd Eichmann

Known for its casino and thermal baths, Baden Baden also hosts Germany's oldest and original state, ancient Roman baths.
Baden Baden cultural highights provide a quality program at the Festspielhaus, highly awarded horse racing, many open-air events as well as world-class art at the Museum Frieder Burda and the Staatliche Kunsthalle.

Baden Baden is located 45 minutes by car from Ringsheim.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

The old baroque town with its Prinzengarten and small cafes is located just around the corner and a perfect fit for a short trip. With the right shoes in your luggage, walking from Ringsheim to Ettenheim through the vines on the Kaiserberg pays and is fun for sportive guests.

Ettenheim is just a 6-minute drive away from Ringsheim.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

Surrounded by the Rhine valley and between vineyards and the Black Forest, the city of Lahr is a year-round flowering city: In springtime the tulips bloom is attracting visitors with more than 50,000 flowers in the city park. The Rose evening in June is the feast of quiet sounds illuminated in the rose garden and the late autumn invites you to the well-known Chrysanthema.
However, the landmark of Lahr is it's stork tower: the staircase is narrow and the old stones are well-worn. The tower gazing like back in 1220 on medieval half-timbered houses into the Rhine valley and the Black Forest. The grand town houses and numerous places are telling of Lahr's flourishing times as a trading city.

Lahr is about 17 minutes by car (14 km) from Ringsheim.

Arthall Messmer

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: kunsthalle messmer

The Kunsthalle Messmer was opened in 2009 in the historic complex of the former Riegeler brewery.
Up to three large-scale exhibitions are presented annually with recent projects being the exhibits of Marc Chagall, Le Corbusier, Victor Vasarely and Salvador Dali.

By car the Kunsthalle is about 12 minutes (15 km) away from our hotel.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

Kaysersberg is the crowd puller in Alsace, because with its historic old town, the decorated timber-framed buildings, bridges and secluded spots, it is surrounded by vineyards in a beautiful panorama. Just above town stands the ruins of the once mighty Staufenburg castle.
When visiting you should not miss the excellent fruit brandies.

Kayersberg is about 59 minutes by car (55 km) away from Ringsheim.


Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Helmut Meyer zur Capellen

Riquewihr was founded in the 6th century, and its emblem is still the beautifully preserved ramparts with their whimsical rectangular "Dolder"-tower of 1291. In addition to the fortifications the beautiful and almost completely preserved old town makes Riquewihr a worthwhile destination ,
When it comes to wine tasting Riquewihr is equally inspiring with wineries Dopff to Hugel serving you Alsatian delights.
For fans of the Christmas season the town offers year-round flashing and twinkling Christmas articles by Käthe Wohlfahrt, until December when the idyllic Christmas market is inviting for a stroll.

By car, the trip from Ringsheim takes about 50 minutes (58 km) and runs through the vines-mountains Kaiserstuhl.

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: vincent desjardins

The panorama of the Haut-Koenigsbourg nearly 800 meters above sea level is unique and on a clear day, the view over the Rhine valley extends to the Vosges, Black Forest and to the Alps.
The building dates back to the 12th century and was witness to a turbulent history of European conflicts, the rivalry of emperors and kings, was badly damaged in the 30-year war and rebuilt and restored in the early 20th century.
Today the Haut-Koenigsbourg is most impressive as a medieval mountain fortress and within its walls the lavishly equipped premises give insights into nine centuries of history.

The castle is open all year round except on January 1, May 1, December 25 and on Mondays from November to February. The entrance fee is 3 and 9 € for children and adults.
From Hotel Heckenrose to Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg it takes about 50 minutes (52 km). The castle has 150 parking spaces. Throughout the season, there is a shuttle bus to the train station of Sélestat.

Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogts Farm

Photo: Destination and place of excursions
Foto: Hans-Jörg Haas

The Black Forest Open Air Museum in Gutach is the oldest open-air museum of Baden-Württemberg. The Vogtsbauernhof of 1612, namesake of the museum, stands with six Black Forest one-roof-houses but being the only one on the original site.
Discover the life and work on the Black Forest farms, in mills and sawmills, parlors and barns.

The Vogt Farm is located in the Black Forest, 56 minutes by car (70 km) away from Hotel Heckenrose.

Our Region

Black Forest Nature Park Germany's largest natural park is a green hiking forest with mineral springs, waterfalls and ice age lakes.

Europa Park Rust This theme park with Europe's largest roller coaster is only 3 km distant in Rust near Freiburg.

Forest-Climbing In neighboring Kenzingen the forest-trail of cables and suspension-bridges leads through the treetops.

Alsace Wine Route Preserved from the late Middle Ages many beautiful wine villages invite to visit and stay.

Wine Hiking Discover recultivated biotopes, Kaiserberg hill and rare plantlife all around Ringsheim village.
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